Personalised Football Books So They Never Forget a Goal

Despite the age old tales that tells us the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, most ladies are more than well aware that many men’s greatest love affair is with the beautiful game. That’s right, football. Whilst it may remain a mystery to many of us, there’s no doubt that there’s just something about a bunch of blokes running round a field after a ball that really pushes their buttons. The personalised football book can record every memory, every goal, every cheer!

Many a man will happily wake up early on a typically gloomy Sunday morning in November, strap on some shin pads and gleefully spend the majority of the day running round in near freezing temperatures, caked to their ears in mud and testosterone, only to spend the next three days barely being able to walk (that’s what happens when you get too excited about chasing the ball and forget to warm up!).

And if they’re not running round with their mates and acting like they’re in the middle of the most important game since England won the world cup back in the 60s (despite the fact that the goal posts are marked by jumpers and Dave’s dog Fluffy is the ref), they’re spending an extraordinary amount of money on season tickets and football shirts. Isn’t it interesting that most men cannot bare to spend more than 5 minutes in the car when the destination is the local shopping centre, but when the final destination is a football stadium to watch an all important away game, men will happily wake up at 4.30 in the morning to sit with 4 other Fellas in a 3 door Ford Fiesta for 6 hours, without a hint of winging or moaning.

And don’t even go there with the singing! I’m sure if you asked most menคาสิโน whether they’d like to spend even a little of their free time arm in arm with other men singing their hearts out, they’d give you a funny and somewhat confused look, before politely (or not!) declining to watch reruns of the last season with a pizza and some beers. However, when stood on the terraces with all the other football fans, they just can’t stop themselves from belting out time-honoured traditional song of their team, usually that make some derogatory remarks about the other team and that have a surprising number of different verses, which even more surprisingly everyone seems to know and be able to remember!

There’s just something about football which turns most men warm and mushy inside. While they’ll sit looking bored out of their mind at classic weepies such as Ghost and My Girl and even fail to shed a tear at all-time sniff-fest Titanic, being relegated from the league, or even better winning some sort of cup, has the astonishing power to turn most men into blubbering babies.

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